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About Paint It Right

Where we started

Freddy was a roofer for 20+ years, but the job takes its tole. He began working for a local painter who was in his final years as a painter. In this time he asked his friend Jose if he wanted to come work with them. Jose has ZERO painting experience. Soon, their boss decided to hang up his brush and offered to sell the company. At that point in 2016, Freddy and Jose made the decision to buy it and start their own company.

That was the start of Paint It Right Plus Co.


For the next several years the guys built the business, growing slowly, and gaining their reputation. At times it was just the two of them, and at other times they had employees.

Eventually growth got to a point where it became difficult for them to manage the business. Them, along with their friend and paint rep Franklin, decided adding someone dedicated to running the business side of things would be a necessary next step in continuing moving forward.

Our Future

We are going to continue growing our painting business, but we all like to add variety to our days.

As licensed general contractors, we have added Right 4 U Remodeling for all of our remodel projects. We can work on kitchens, bathrooms, and much more.

Our goal is to bring your vision to life.

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